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You're given a list with characteristics (e.g. Blue shirt, Red hat, Tall, Skinny) and have to find a certain individual who matches these characteristics.

You'll have to be careful, as others can look like the target, or he may be hidden behind a tree.

-==[ Controls ]==-

ESC - Pause / Leave Menu (Stats, Options, etc...)

Left Click - Tag person / Shoot

Space / Middle Click - Scope In / Out

Right Click - Next Level

R - Reset / Regen / Restart

If your game appears as a black screen, hit F11. This is not always guaranteed to work properly, since this "feature" is a debug command at the moment to stop people from playing without seeing. (note that every time the room resets you will have to hit F11 again)

If you need any help, please feel free to email me at parkerthelamb@gmail.com for further information. If you have any trouble with purchases and/or hate me, there isn't much I can do. If you hate the game because of a technical issue, please email me and then bask in the glory of bug reporting.

Tags2D, indie, Isometric, sniping
Average sessionA few seconds


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People Poppers Review

Reviewed by Drax Network: https://twitter.com/DraxNetwork



  • Very addicting 
  • Movement is very smooth
  • Popping effect is very satisfying (better if there was a sound effect with it)
  • Love the idea of having to find the target by identifying their clothes, height and size (how would a color blind person find the target tho)


  • Instructions and controls not given in the game
  • Crashed a few times
  • Trees spawning randomly
  • No sound effects or background music

The game can be improved by adding:

  • A sound track
  • Sound effects
  • Instructions option in the menu
  • Levels
  • Ability to choose difficulty
  • Multiple targets in one level
  • Different weapons (maybe)
  • Different maps e.g. city (people on top of skyscrapers), market/grocery store (allowing to shoot fruits/vegetables), forest (could have animals in it), farm (could have farm animals in it) 

Overall,  I give this game a 4/5. I think this game has got lots of potential. By making those improvements this game can easily make it to the top.


I recommend you change the controls a bit:

  • Right click to use the scope of the rifle 
  • Space key to advance to next level

Thank you ChaoticSheep!

Here is my response (on mobile, so grammar may not be 👌👌):

I will be responding to all of your problems/requests.

I'm not great with sound although I am aware of bfxr and sfxr. I did not want to get too involved with sound in this game though.

This game is heavily based on colors and my code is shit so it would be very difficult on my end to create this feature without enough time.

The GUI system was very hard to make and I am a lazy piece of shit so I decided to leave the controls in the game description. This has been added to the Todo list.

Could you please send me some crash/error reports? Or email me the problem. (you can restart if it glitches with R)

Everything is random because I didn't want speed runners to finish the game instantly. Colors, height, width of people and trees are all randomly generated.

Again, not great with sound.

I am not sure how I would do new weapons, although I could maybe just change the scope of the rifle.

Also, great idea on the buildings. Maybe replace all trees in some levels with buildings?

Thank you for playing this game, and giving your feedback!